Short Fiction


Protected: Nice to meet you

Protected: You’re welcome

Protected: What does it mean “Like”

Protected: Something Sweet

Protected: When I see You

Protected: Waiting for you

Protected: 告訴我 : I

Protected: 告訴我 : II

Protected: Oh! My baby

Protected: Love me, please

Protected: Once upon a time

Protected: You can call me MONSTER

Protected: Oh! My Baby : 2

Protected: Beautiful dreams : Lush

Protected: Beautiful dreams : Floating of Dreams


Love lives on inside

Kiss the Rain

Kiss the Rain II

Kiss the Rain III

Kiss the Rain IV


Give me one more chance

My Diary

Protected: Just Friend – Secret of love

Protected: Love Delivery

Protected: You are mine

Cherish you


Stand by you



Rain II

One moment in time

Love secret

Love Mate